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Biltong is beef cut into strips, cured and seasoned to produce dried beef snack or relish for main meal. Biltong with food varies with individual choices and tastes. Biltong is a suitable snack that can be carried around anywhere. It can fit in a handbag or pocket and can be cached from your pocket or bag.The most interesting thing about biltong is, it can be eaten anywhere when you are hungry or craving for a snack in between meals.For those who drink in pubs, you find them chatting and watching spot while snacking biltong. Some can be packaged for campers and truck drivers to keep them awake during long drives. Biltong also become hand for families driving long trips outside the city on a family vacations. Biltong can last for months when stored properly.

Biltong Flavors

Spices are sourced from South Africa to ensure the authentic taste of original biltong from South Africa. The process and method of preparation make Biltong Toronto unique and compartable with any method of preparation

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