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Born and raised in Zimbabwe we grew up eating game meat. Making biltong is a long tradition of hunting and farming communities in Africa.We developed the taste of biltong as we grew up. The excess game meat was cut into strips hung out and sun dried utilization the hot climate. Vinegar was used to cure meat to prevent mold growth. Coriander was used to flavor the meat as a seasoning and to keep flies off the meat. Meat hung up to dry became harder capturing the rich flavors preserved in the meat. Biltong became a national heritage, symbol of love and national snack. Biltong is inseparable to lovers of sporting events in Africa and was always the snack of the day. For the Diasporas, when they miss home, a bite of biltong cures their nostalgia of thinking of home and some eating biltong is a reminder of their heritage.

Nutritional Value.

Serving best 

In today’s health conscious world many people are concerned about what they eat, where it has originated from and how it has been processed. At Biltong Toronto, we believe that by starting with only the best ingredients – fully traceable rare-breed Canadian beef and non-irradiated, GMO-free spices – we aim to satisfy this hunger for information before the decision to buy is made

We decided right from the start not to use potassium sorbate as a way to extend shelf life even though it can be found in a number of herbs and spices

Festivals Art and Music

Most weekends we host participate in Vendor grand sales People come out to buy unique products on displays ranging from food, clothing, wellness, cosmetic, artwork/crafts, jewelry, and food. We utilize festivals promoting our business while enjoying the sounds of local singers, poets, songwriters, entertainers and different product displays

Biltong with Wine

As a small, local business, we like to help promote other small businesses by promoting their products and services. We participate in entrepreneur marketplace with the City in support of small businesses. Wineries and breweries with their wines and crafted spirits go great with biltong. Check out our biltong Packages